Hollywood & Legendairy Goddesses (and a few special Gods?)
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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce our friends and legends of Hollywood actor~esses and screen writers etc...and highlight important areas on our site. This is an example of a style we may use (because we love her...and its Gothic...

...she moves mysteriously...
as if she approaches the Dreamer...

Anne is dressed in a high collar black velvet dress with a sheer cape and hood of black chiffon with a bat design. A raven rests on her outstretched hand. The outfit is based on the outfit Anne wore for her Sci-Fi Channel commercial. Anne Rice in bat cape appears tall.

We are pure proud to announce our Christine's newest site... The Stepford Kids and Agents of Vegas... Good doing, Christine!~

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Our company is here to provide unique adventures for any occasion.

On this site you'll find information about our activities and facilities, along with descriptions of our special getaway packages. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about our recreation company.

The Famous Annie Moses Oakley who...
was praised for her sureness and her great heart!

Annie Moses Oakley stood up for her beliefs and opened doors for women her whole life long. For all her remarkable skills and worldwide fame, she was humble, genuine, kind hearted -- and every inch a lady. When you own and use Annie Oakley products, you enter her world, and embrace her simple, honest ways. Won't you join us? We're proud to remain an American original, one of the few companies anywhere that personally creates, mixes and bottles our fragrances. As always, Annie Oakley inspires and shows us the way.

The Goddess Within...compiled by River Huston; illustrated by Patricia Languedoc  Visit us at http://www.runningpress.com
The Eternal Goddess is everywhere...within us and in all that surrounds us.  Her Wisdom comes to us through imagery in painting, sculpture, dance, literature, music, poetry, science, athletics, film, architecture, and all creative ways of endeavors. 
To see Her influence, you need only look.  She has always been here...(or..)
Enduring persecutions and glories of praise, She reemerges, supporting the guidiance that leads us to places where we can see beyond the previous "huma lines and limits" of our Planet, the colours of our skin, the shapes of our bodies, and what we call Ourselves.
She imparts a wisdom that challenges Society's stereo~typical Images and reveals the deeper meanings and true essence of Woman:  --profound Strength, deep Compassion, Consummate Love and pure unfailing Justice...
Within the pages, Ancient and Moddern Goddesses offer insight, attitude, and passion, and inspiration through their words and actions.  Turn to their powerful voices for guidance, spirituality, strength, and solace...secure it and then pass it on to the next hungry soul...

...i never met a Dame who didn't inspire me...or remind me that i still have a future...She's quite a Mystery, don't you think? --~Humphrey Bogart...
...the one thing that does not abide by majority's rule is a person's conscience...Harper Lee  ( ie. "follow your heart..."  ~Sun Songs of Champlain )
...i think the reward for conformity is everyone like you but yourself...~Rita Mae Brown
...Until you've lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was, or what Freedom really is...~Margaret Mitchell
...I survived because I was tougher than everyone else...~Bette Davis
...when i needed to relax, to disappear from the world that knew me, i found a special place with special friends...these are they who helped to shape a better world...gratitude...~Marilyn Monroe

Visit our Special Goddess featured this month
Lady C of the innovative fun music group Vitamin
C... This is one of my personal favourites whether
She's doing soul romance As Long As You Love
Me to the fun  reggaie beat street~wise Smile...

Special Artist Goddess of the Month...
features Lady Colleen of Vitamin C...

Special Features&Artists ...of the Months

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