Hollywood & Legendairy Goddesses (and a few special Gods?)
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The Band Vitamin C's lead singer...
and fantastic dancer...

Each month we honor a special Star and special Events...This month we honor Anne Rice and Annie Oakley as strong spiritual Women... And the Singer Colleen Fitzpatrick~ of Vitamin C... Look for her within our Home pages and on her own special websites...experience her music, such as SMILE and As Long As You Love Me...and Itch...Our kudos to these whom we love and support!

/Vitamin C now as a cover The Strokes "Last Night" via ala a Blondie style treatment.  Produced in the "Heart of Glass" style...more of a "re-imagination" recreation of classic songs...The exciting video was filmed around New York, Vitamin C's hometown.  Watch for special Hotel and Island scenes.  Colleen F "Vita C" has teamed with Blondie at times, costarring in "Hairspray"--she plays Amber von Tussie with  Debbie as Velma her mother...The Strokes have approved the Vita version... Watch for more music & video "cometogethers"...We applause...(Thanks to liner notes from P. Cashmere at http://www.undercover.com/au/news

Lady C flexes her muscles...
to make great moves in video and live..music dancer...

Bluebanshee's Vitamin C Gallery page with photos and love!

Hollywood & Legendairy Goddesses (and a few special Gods?)

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Late August horseback riding trip in Northern Vermont!!

We have only a few spots left for this once in a lifetime adventure. It is four days and three nights of genuine excitement. All equipment and meals will be provided. Horseback riding experience is required.

Spots are running out. Contact us as soon as possible to book this great adventure:

Our Recreation Company
Any Street
Anytown, US 01234

Phone: (800) 555-1212



In this area we will put rates and availability during the upcoming months:

For example:

Vermont Horseback Riding Trip

Special Low Rate:

* Per Person:


* 2 Spaces Left


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May-June special  MADONNA...
whose not only starred and performed in her own movies but has supported and cheered many other young artists of film and music industry.  Look for special Madonna related sites.   .

For a detailed biography of Madonna...a good list of Her fantastic achievements but I seem to really love the ones not acclaimed...eg WHOS THAT GIRL...favorite movies and songs of M...

http://members.tripod.com/Vera_Calistro/ships/16.htm The mysterious ship codenamed Madonna... Departed Naples Jan 16, 1907 Arrived New York, Jan 28, 1907 Contributed by: CAPECODCAS

Our Recreation Company * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234

...we have help with maddona. As well as information for maddona, you can find the most authoritative sites for music, madona and madonna. Maddona.org has the most definitive sites for maddona on the Internet.