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When the lights go down...

good nite for fun movies beer and crackers...
some low3 classic jazz...a candle or two...

thanks mumsy Queen... i oovvahaluoll rhw wiffer~
wear for Mum's Princess **Sstuff...its sfun and hwello


On this page I'll include an annotated list of all the star's film, television, and stage appearances. I'll include pictures and comments on each film. I'll also include sample sound and video files, if I can get my hands on some.

Here's an example of a format I might use for the entries in my filmography.

Raging Bull
(1978; Martin Scorsese, director)

A film reel; Size=240 pixels wide

Vaudeville and the Follies...echoes of a Grander Time...its Trine!~

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Laura Nyro and  cousin DeNiro's performance in this movie seems to go beyond performance: he sinks so deeply into the role of Jaye LaMotta that you almost forget this is DeNiro. It's not a likable performance, and it's not an especially likable film (the fight sequences still make me wince), but it is perhaps the high point of the career.

thanks SilverHazel and Christine for linksupports...youre9(we're) great!

Favorite Movie   CHRISTINE   ... and    ...   THE STEPFORD WIVES  9 (SEE Christine's http://stepfordkidchristine.tripod.com   more strawberry fun  saw Jean Harlow today on Turner ans She sure qualifies! lol...lots of love!~   christine...

Christine...strawberry pearls...
Christine...chromium swirls...


Sioux: vocals
Severin: bass
Budgie: drums
McGeoch: 6+12 string guitars, fawfisa

She tries not to shatter, kaleidoscope style Personality changes behind her red smile Every new problem brings a stranger inside Helplessly forcing one more new disguise

Christine-the strawberry girl
Christine-banana split lady

Singing sweet savages lost in our world This big-eyed girl sees her faces unfurl Now she's in purple
Now she's the turtle


Christine-the strawberry girl
Christine-banana split lady
22 faces...disintegrating.

now shes in purple

nows shes ms turtle....


In this area I'll talk about what I think is this star's best movie. I'll try to explain why I think it's their best work and why it's important to me personally.

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Here Is New York: A Democracy of Photographs
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2005 Children's Writers & Illustrator's Market (Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market)
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The Lovely Bones
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation
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The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self
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The Random House Children's Treasury : Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes & Nonsense Verse

Lucky : A Memoir
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Oracle SQL by Example, Third Edition
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a must read puberty plus judy bloom book...

Go Ask Alice
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