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The Stepford Wives
GENRE: Comedy
MPAA RATING: (PG-13), for sexual content, thematic material and language
RUN TIME: 1 hr. 33 min.
RELEASE DATE 06/11/2004
STARRING: Nicole Kidman, Christopher Walken, Glenn Close, Faith Hill, Roger Bart
PRODUCER(S): Donald De Line, Gabriel Grunfeld, Scott Rudin, Edgar J. Scherick
WRITER(S): Ira Levin, Paul Rudnick
STUDIO: Paramount Pictures
Joanna Eberhart thinks she's made it to the top of her world. The youngest president in the history of the EBS television network, she also has an attentive husband and two beautiful children. On the surface, Joanna's life appears to be, well, perfect--until one catastrophic day when it all comes crashing down around her. Fired from her job, her perfect marriage in trouble, unable to remember where her kids go to school, Joanna is starting to look like a candidate for electroshock therapy. Yes, there's nothing like a nervous breakdown to make Joanna and her husband Walter reexamine their priorities, pack up the family and make a fresh start in the idyllic suburban paradise of Stepford, Connecticut. But something strange is happening in the quaint little town of Stepford, and Joanna is suspicious. So is Bobbie Markowitz, who recently moved to town with her irascible  husband Dayle. And Roger Bannister, an architect who came to Stepford hoping to save their rocky relationship with conservative partner Jerry, is wondering what is going on too. It's the wives. They're all like Claire Wellington--beautiful, happy and unusually creative with crafts. They can bake a cake, paint the house, mow the lawn, play with the kids and still greet their husbands in lacy lingerie at the end of a busy day. Disturbed by the stunning but subservient women she meets in Stepford, Joanna grows increasingly uneasy. On the other hand, Walter couldn't be happier. He's especially impressed by the Stepford  Association, a fortress-like mansion in the center of town. The town, and the houses, and this place--it's like a dream, enthuses Walter. Like the way life should be. Until Joanna Eberhart gets in the way.

hi...for Christine's own revue of STEPFORD ... see Christine's Paige...Strawberry Blondes...


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The world of Stepford...Mattresses and suggestions for good rest and healthy slumber...

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The Visions of Patricia Wyatt
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VITAMIN C GALERY FOR C~PHILES Last published...see the new Vita C Colleen pics and linx...this Electric Princess loooves this dancer°singer°muswician!

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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law in an exclusive extended clip from 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.'

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also starring Angeline Jolie, who's reviewed at stepfordkidchristine.tripod com...

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Warm-Up Stretch With Knee Sway

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a. Lie on your back with your knees pulled in toward your chest. Hold your shins with your hands. Press your abs toward your spine and allow your lower back to lengthen and widen. Hold the stretch as you inhale and exhale three deep, slow breaths.

b. Move your hands away from your legs and place them on the floor up by your shoulders. Using your abdominal muscles to initiate the move, slowly lower your legs and then bring your knees to the right, as shown, pressing your knees together as you move. Relax and allow your lower back to stretch as you keep your abs pressed toward your spine. Hold the stretch as you inhale and exhale three deep, slow breaths.

c. Use your abs to pull your knees back to center and then to lower them to the left. Hold the stretch as you inhale and exhale three deep, slow breaths.

Pilates Pointers

  • Keep your knees together throughout the move.
  • This move should feel good in your lower back. If it doesn't, you're not initiating the movement with your belly.

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