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"I survived because I was  tougher  than everyone else."  ~Bette Davis


Cindy the fabulous *"Stepford Doll"* is one of Nature's Modern Marvels...the next Generation of Childrens Toy Fun...


Visit Golden Stars of the Silver Screen...

Fav Stars...ladystevielnicks-fleetwoodmac, vita C

"In my long and colourful career, one thing stands out::
I have been misunderstood..."
~Mae West~

FOR club gossip about the stars and more links check into Club:  THEDA BARA:  GOLDEN STARS OF THE SILVER SCREEN  at  www.bolt.com  under clubs...xox :-)

Invite to take a look...at our new Hoolywood Goddess Legends site...enjoy and bring one of your Favorite Stars here...

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Theda Bara Club: The Golden Years Silver Screen...bolt.com

Theda Bara Golden Stars...

We want to welcome and introduce our seixy Ms_Hollywood99 who has her own site-haunt www.bolt.com, and sometimes does interviews and Movie Reiviews.  Look for reviews on this page. We hope you enjoy her contributions as much as we have...  


Reflective Theda Bara...
ponder my thoughts, love?

..some nite while the candles burn...
miracles happen before dawn's lite...

http://www.tartcity.com/thedabara.html    The Vamp
"Before Harlow, before Mae, well before Madonna and her Gaultier cone-bra, there was Theda. One of the top three silent film stars in 1918, behind Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin, Theda Bara was the first sex symbol for the masses. Theda was renowned for her portrayal of sinful, smoky-eyed women who lured proper husbands away from their frigid and heavily-corseted wives. Granted, often she led these men to corruption and dissolution, and occasionally death, but hey, given a choice all thinking men would rather go down (and up) with Theda than drift towards death with docile, whey-faced brides. (Do you want it to be great? Or do you want it to be easy?)
Because of Theda's dark allure for America's husbands and her influence on young women, preachers all over the country regularly denounced her from their pulpits. check out her sites for more of TheVamps Bites Tart Emeritus Theda Bara The Original Vamp Before Harlow, before Mae, well before Madonna and her Gaultier cone-bra, there was Theda. One of the top three silent film stars in 1918, behind Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin, Theda Bara was the first sex symbol for the masses. Theda was renowned for her portrayal of sinful, smoky-eyed women who lured proper husbands away from their frigid and heavily-corseted wives. Granted, often she led these men to corruption and dissolution, and occasionally death, but hey, given a choice all thinking men would rather go down (and up) with Theda than drift towards death with docile, whey-faced brides. (Do you want it to be great? Or do you want it to be easy?)
Because of Theda's dark allure for America's husbands and her influence on young women, preachers all over the country regularly denounced her from their pulpits. Bara was almost 30 when her film career began, which was considered over-the-hill back then (and still is in Hollywood, evidently). She shaved five years off her age in her publicity, the least of the whoppers in her Fox studio bio which billed her as the daughter of an eastern prince, born in the shadow of the sphinx, whose name was an anagram for 'death.' In fact, she was born Theodosia Goodman in Ohio on July 20, 1885 to wealthy Jewish immigrant parents. As a child, she was bookish, "strong-willed and mischievious," and never bothered to learn sewing and embroidery, as most young ladies did back then. Her biographer, Eve Golden, says, "Little Theda ran away from home at every opportunity and, according to her mother, 'showed a positive genius in ways and means of escaping our vigilance. We had the locks in the entrance doors placed high above her tiny reach, and yet she disappeared as if by magic.' Once she escaped wearing her mother's best gown and hat, trailing them down the street with a frantic mother in pursuit. Much to her mother's shock,'We afterwards discovered she had hammered a small hole in the screen door, just large enough to crawl through.'" ** In Hollywood, she was known as a sharply intelligent, well-read woman with a deep interest in spiritualism.
Not all of her roles were femme fatales. She played a few sweet innocents who were wronged, including a praised Juliet, and showed an instinctive comic touch in a few of her lighter films. But she was most famous for playing deliciously dangerous and unbridled Vamps such as Cleopatra, Salome, and Madame DuBarry, in over 40 films, including: Fool There Was The Devil's Daughter Lady Audley's Secret Tiger Woman The Darling of Paris Madame Mystery When a Woman Sins The She-Devil The Siren's Song Unchastened Woman Check out this review of Unchastened Woman: "Theda portrayed Caroline Knollys, a newly-pregnant woman who discovers her husband (Wyndham Standing) is cheating on her. She takes off to Venice, has her baby and gains a reputation as'the wickedest woman in Europe.' Returning to the U.S., trailing a string of admirers, Caroline eventually wins her husband back. Not really a parody, the film is a light drawing room romantic comedy with touches of pathos. **" Too bad she took the husband back, but this was the 1920s, and it was radical enough for a young wife to take off to Europe, take a series of lovers, and return unchastened and triumphant. Like many of her heroines, and unlike so many movie stars of the time, Theda did not come to a bad and early end. After marrying director Charles Brabin in the 1920s, she gave up the business. Reportedly, she penned an unpublished memoir, What Women Never Tell, in this time, and devoted herself to her two passions, reading and Brabin, to whom she was married for 33 years until her death in 1955. At a time when women were either whores or housewives, Theda represented something new, the "Vamp," the sexually free goddess who ushered in the era of the Flapper and of new freedom for women."   For more on Theda, check out: The Theda Bara Revival Kit. sh **From "Vamp: The Rise of Theda Bara," by Eve Golden, Emprise Publishing Last Month's Tart Emeritus: Kathleen Turner The font used in the Starlite sign is called cheapmotel, and is courtesy the Chankstore Tarts . . Motel . . Madness . . Mom's . . Gym . . Route 66 . . Studio . . Doll . . Dungeon . . Mall . . Starlite . . Message Board Search Home To stay updated on Tart City news, please send a blank message to tartcity-subscribe@onelist.com to subscribe to our mailing list or check our message board for announcements.

See the latest news and updates...look for your Stars here!~

Reese Witherspoon is...
Legally Blonde...and luvin' every minute of it!~...

LEGALLY BLONDE2 RED WHITE & BLONDE!~ Reese Witherspoon reprises her role as Elle Woods, in this sequel to the surprise box-office smash Legally Blonde. This time, Elle takes on Washington D.C. and the U.S. government. Also stars Sally Field, Bob Newhart and Luke Wilson. Opens everywhere on July 2nd Preview Legally Blonde 2 56k | 100k | 300k

Blonde is walking...
...with attitude!~....Fashionwalks...

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Click here for Dorothy and Toto:

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Exploura la mundo World de Susy Leman~...i una Chica Extroardinaire...!

The BlueBanshee...
...moooving thruroooms and chaaanges....*smiles*

Our fav writer Ms_Hollywood99
visit her @ http://www.bolt.com

Wrong Turn

In the back woods of West Virginia, rednecks have been inbreeding so much that they have created a family of three siblings all repulsively misformed with genetic mutations. These threehave been getting their kicks by kidnapping, mutitating and devouring anyone who comes down their deserted dirt road.

Through a car mishap, brought about by a trap laid by the psychotic woods folk, the six characters of the film are brought together and are left to find their way out of the woods. Their situation goes from potentially scary to seriously terrifying as the three mu~tated inbreeds stalk them in the woods, picking them off one by one using some visually twisted methods.

rong Turnisn't a bad film; it would have been more effective if had been shot on grainy film similar to "Blair Witch" and used unknown, maybe non-professional actors? Nevertheless, rong Turn still holds a few surprises. It utterly imitates the conventions of a classic horror film, in that you can anticipate every jump, and look-away-moment. Its worth a watch and can definitely stand among the existing teen horror flicks proudly!

thanks for your time,
x Ms_Hollywood99


from The Blair Witch saga..
Rooms may be mysterious...

SATURN - onyx, lead, [mole]
Places ruled: vaults, tombs, monasteries, empty houses, caves, dens, pits
angel - Zapriel, intelligence - Agiel Spirit - [Sabathiel]
moon - cat, silver, pearls wilderness, woods, rocks, forests, ships, highways.
Angel - Gabrielle Intelligence - [Elirriel] Spirit - Lemanael moon - monday saturn - saturday moon and saturn very similar, both very nocturnal; leader, silver

Romantic interlude with friends...
give a Pos'Lift to the Blair Witch sequences...

We saw Manna from Heaven with Mom (for my birthday) great "shoestring" movie with subtle scenes and soft dialog with the golden rule theme of what happens when gobs of money suddenly becomes mysteriously available to a family at just the right time and how they use the money--and how to bless others at the same time...i enjoy it... from http://www.fivesistersproductions.com

The Masters Voice...
the Music of the Mistress...

Piper ponders the Charms...
...of Hollywood Icons...

books that should be movies ...and maybe visa-versa..
Recently finished reading Lou Jane Temple's great mystery book  "Death by Rhubarb"... Lou Jane's character Heavenly not only cooks and keeps her restaurant clientale hopping with great recipes (some are included in the chapters) but features a famous Australian Chef for a main course...but Heavenly with the help of her friends also solves mysteries especially when she or one of her close friends or ex-husbands are implicated.  a great "slice of life" from the kitchen to your reading room pleasures. (Several books in this series)

Visit this Mystery Writer's site and visit her and friends who delve in the genre...

Lavender Page Links to our fav Star Sites:    

The Lavender LADIES welcome g~l friendly to visit this site...

..for those who stand looking...
Woman standing in cemetery
..the dream will continue...

Mucha;s calendar Girls gained much favorable ...
attencion and popularity...

The artist Alfonse Mucha know for celebrity Posters and Cards

Catch the latest news and photos from one of Southern California's hottest 'zines ...Rainbow GLBTG Pride...

This month's Lavendar mag is great...The LavendarLens features news & updates on the Gay&Lesbian&Bi&Transgendered species of our times, giving a fair view of the current political landscaped, as well as feature articles.  The July issue #41 cover features Mamie Van Doren the "blonde bombshell" who forms a major pyramid with Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe.  Great inside pix of Mamie by her friend Julie Strain.  Enjoy a visit to her web @ www.mamievandoren.com and see her special sexy pix and great links. Enjoy!~ Kudos to TheLavendar and Mamie and Bix B. Craig, Publisher & Editor-n-Chief!~

The Mamie Van Doren...
naughty in pink...

Special Kudos to Gregray Peck, Katharyn Hepburn and Buddy Epsen...also to Audrey Hepburn Lara Croft and others who play the great roles of our Times...and Bobby Hope (are you with me Pandora?)

Piper with that look...
as Episode six seguayes into The Goddess....

MOVIE REVIEW::GIRL , INTERUPTED *** (1999)...STARING WINONA rYDER, ANGELINA JOLIE (Laura Croft in a role that's a bit-o'-a-twist), and WHOOPIE GOLDBERG.  Lisa and Susanne meet in a '60's Institution, becoming fast friends and playing off the roles of fellow in-mates and personnel.  Susanne has the ability to dream herself literally into other scenes with other players ...basically funloving s with healthy libidos while
dealing with local issues such as shelter and being considered norm-deviant aberants, Lisa and Susanne pursue their pleasures, entertain friendly Visitors (trying to avoid interuptions by over-eager staff) during ual reprisals...relief
supporting each other and learning the subtle flavours that interlace....
        Some thoughtful emotive scene tears and screams...some humour...pathos...subtle (and not so subtle) innuendoes...A fun dark movie enjoyed by candlelight curled into bed with soft classic jazz background music and maybe a really close friend...or lover... People learning to play with their psychic abilities instead of  locking up their "aberatedlibidoes"...socially between a "rock and a h***-** place"....
[I saw this paired with PLEASANTVILLE**1998, WITH tOBEY mAGUIRE AND jEFFREE dANIELLES, contrasting the B&W staid pleasantries of the '50's TVland with a colourful awakening brought about by the arrival of two teens from the 90's:: rockNroll, and beer-fun...I'll have a Zombii pleaeeease.
~~Princess Lotus Cups~

Isabel Madow relaxes between scenes...
one of Mexico's fav Stars...

Mexican and Internacion TV and Movies...
Entertainment and Stars...

NOMBRE : Isabel

EDAD : 29 años

ESTADO CIVIL : Divorciada Muy buena bonita estrella Senorita

OCUPACION : Modelo y cantante actriz

CIUDAD : México D.F.

Ruby shoes and friends...the Road to Oz (ahhhz,,)...follow the Yelllow Brick Road...de noo dae...la Calle de'Oro Amarilla de Oz...mucha buenas adventuras para amigas y amours...   ;-)
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Susy Leman musique Électronique vidéo Bher logiciel musique DVD cliquez sur un thème, pour recevoir ausfrliche informations . Bher Bestseller Bher Stoebern Musique Charts Musique Stobern Vidéo Charts Vidéo Stobern Recherches et trouver Comme vous notre recherche utilisez et encore meilleurs des résultats de la recherche. Susy Leman Recherche de musique Susy Leman cherchez la musique Recherche à grande vitesse AllesBherUS-BherPop MusikSong TitelKlassikDVD et vidéo critère de recherche suggérez un ou plusieurs critères de recherche. 2001 ?Copyright. Toute la rights reserved. Free Site Templates L'offre des Amazon.de couvre plus de les 1,8 million d'articles. Avec nous, vous trouvez Bher intéressants, CDs tolle, PC-Spiele captivants, vidéos excitant. Susy Leman kundenrezensionen de client doit dire que comme je lui pour la première fois geh顤t ai étais moi quelque chose entt酳scht. Mais ce que la musique vraiment parfaite constitue, venait alors : Par années 鐪ter elle h顤t, deviennent d'autant mieux lui ! On découvre toujours à nouveau nouveaux, wundersch霵e passages.

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even angels there...making it better!~

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This site focuses on Madame Blavatsky and her teaching - Theosophy. It features an introduction to Theosophy, study aids, research tools, original text, supporting evidence, membership, and visitor interaction.

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These beings are the "Sons of Light," because they emanate from, and are self-generated in, that infinite Ocean of Light, whose one pole is pure Spirit lost in the absoluteness of Non-Being, and the other, the matter in which it condenses, crystallizing into a more and more gross type as it descends into manifestation. Therefore matter, thougt it is, in one sense, but the illusive dregs of that Light whose limbs are the Creative Forces, yet has in it the full presence of the Soul, thereof, of that Principle, which none-not even the "Sons of Light," evolved from its ABSOLUTE DARKNESS-will ever know. — Secret Doctrine Vol I page 481.

Theosophy is a fragment of the ancient, once universal, wisdom teaching.

The masters of Theosophy, located in Tibet and around the world, preserve and extend this ancient wisdom. Periodically they send forth one of their own - or a messenger - to help spread this teaching to all of humanity.

In the 1800's they had been searching for a century for the next messenger and finally settled upon Helena Blavatsky, born to a noble Russian family. She saw the master who would be her teacher in her dreams as a child. She met him in Hyde Park in London when she was 20. She managed to enter Tibet and was trained by those masters in Tibet from 1868 to 1870. From 1875 through her death in 1891 she spread that message around the world.

Theosophy is the name Blavatsky gave to that portion of knowledge that she brought from the masters to the world. It comes from the term "Theosophia" used by the Neoplatonists to mean literally "knowledge of the divine".

"An Invitation to the Secret Doctrine." Helpful background and introduction to Blavatsky's magnum opus - the monumental source book for esotericism in our age.

Perhaps all of her work can be summed up in one of her maxims: Compassion is the law of laws. She explained that brotherhood is not a mere ideal - it is a fact in nature on the spiritual plane. From that we derive a logical basis and a binding source for morality that can guide and inspire us, even while more traditional religious sources are losing their compelling force. She gives us the metaphysics from which we can deduce the most important priciples of how to live.

The master collection of her work extends 3 feet on a bookshelf. (In today's age it is also available on a CD-rom.) Her master work is the Secret Doctrine, written in 1888 - a book that will remain seminal for centuries. Her first book-length work, Isis Unveiled, shook the rafters of science and religion, and the world hasn't been the same since. Many people reading this will hold views that were first planted in the West by Blavatsky. Some of the views you hold were brought by her. She also has an introductory book, Key to Theosophy, and an inspiration book, Voice of the Silence, for those few who are ready to tread in the footsteps of advanced disciples - or at least for those who want their soul to hear the same call. We also have introductory books recommended in the bookstore since her master work would be quite challenging for a newcommer to this philosophy.

"Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy" by Gottfried de Purucker. A series of lectures that provides an excellent introduction to Theosophy.

We also have many letters from the two teachers of Blavatsky that offer a very rare glimpse into what is effectively another world. In that world a concern for humanity as a whole is the number one guiding principle in the foreground. In the background is an understanding and command of the hidden laws of nature that is far beyond what is known to humanity in general today.

On this site we have her articles and we point to other sources online for all her major works. We also supply a search engine for those articles. (Her entire works can be searched with a search engine on the CD.) Also on this site we feature a talk-list that focuses on her teaching. Ages ago (in internet time) when this site first started, it aimed to show evidence confirming the teaching she brought. There is a start made in that direction but there is far more confirmatory evidence than has yet been assembled conveniently online.

Best wishes in exploring this site and pursuing the teachings of Theosophy.


Reed Carson

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