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(Nov. 8th, 2005) Jane: I found your Page lying Broken, and
Dead and have been Blessed to have been able to Heal it.

The Lucky Leprechaun

P.S. I updated my Web Links and added a Custom Bookmark Icon.

 Hola!  Bienviniedos y alegres!  Happy Easter...uand an extended Hallow's Hollydayze to my M>Pagan friends & CatPeople  (hullo from Lulubelle!) amor y paz, BlueBanshee and SilverHazel Crew-oods...xoxxx....*smiles* 
 my Angels and friends... wishing you special noveaux joyeaux ans et joulestreasrured chrie..happy new years!~ .xoxxxbisioux kisses
    Well bien a todos y feliz jolie BELLTANE  MOTHERS DAY & EXT eASTER BUNNY DAYS...siempre alegres ayudas arras y amour....*Princess Electra*.... (see our new linkz and have a muy bien smiley day...!~

Welcome to The rainbow Web...we invite you to look around, explore our pages, maybe take a journey or meditate with SilverHazel and friends...we encourage you to exchange good recipes, book/music/video reviews...patience with any pages or rooms in progress,please...thanx for good ideas, pix or links, scripts/communiques to   If you wish to be included with this site please contact us.  Bright wishes for good holy-days and fun romantic...fantastic times with your someone(s)  V. special!   Go an X-TRA step to show someone you care! cuddles & kisses...Love and huggs, BlueBansheexoxx and Sun-Key Enterprises...
Recepción a la tela del arco iris... le invitamos a mire alrededor, exploramos nuestras páginas, tomamos quizá un viaje o meditate con SilverHazel y los amigos que... le animamos a que intercambie buenas recetas, book/music/video repasa... paciencia con cualquieres páginas o los cuartos en el thanx de progress,please... para las buenos ideas, pix o acoplamientos, scripts/communiques a si usted desea ser incluido con este sitio por favor nos entran en contacto con. ¡Deseos brillantes por buenos santo-di'as y tiempos fantásticos románticos de la diversión... con su someone(s) V. especial! ¡Va un paso de X-tra para demostrar a alguien que usted cuida! cuddles y amor y huggs de los besos..., BlueBansheexoxx y empresas de la Sol-Llave...
Bienvenue à l'enchaînement d'arc-en-ciel... nous vous invitons à regarder autour, explorons nos pages, prenons peut-être un voyage ou meditate avec SilverHazel et amis que... nous vous encourageons à échanger de bonnes recettes, book/music/video passe en revue... la patience avec toutes pages ou les salles dans le thanx de progress,please... pour de bons idées, pix ou liens, scripts/communiques à si vous souhaitez être inclus svp avec cet emplacement nous contactent. Souhaits lumineux pour de bons saint-jours et temps fantastiques romantiques d'amusement... avec votre someone(s) V. spécial! Disparaissent une étape de X-tra pour montrer quelqu'un que vous vous inquiétez! cuddles et amour et huggs de baisers..., BlueBansheexoxx et entreprises de Soleil-Clef...


Royale Pleasures
friends and Her a Regal Future!~

WELCOME!  to our Website!`  Thanks to the few & the many who have greatly aided helped and assisted in this project....I especially want to thank my friends from Canada US & Australia and the Oriental Fox*smiles*  As this page grows more lynx will be added to help connect other friends & sites. 
Prayers & gratitute to the Ocean Beach Queen, the Young Princess,  The Lucky Leprechaun, and my friends @
also to Phildechbastque & K:The Dixie Angel who encouraged the Covenant and to include the darker & subtler colours...*smiles*...
and to those special of The Kings Lamb & South Bay Engineering who have helped in pioneering and supporting the creations of these sites.  also to the Gods & Goddesses of  and thoses others of us who believe in a United Kingdom and the Royal Princess family...from a galaxy farfar-away... may the LoveForce be with you...prayers...and more fun with the sacred laughter & tears...!~


ANNE RICE official updated new website:

..when Mystery looms...
the Sound of Children playing is near...


the egg dream and i...

/We've added some new pages so watch for new links as you traverse this Site... the Vita C sites ...  and the Hollywood Legends and Goddesses site...the Rosarita Bar and Restaurant del Mar...and thanks for your many mucha support, and to our sponsors and those we sponsor...Godbless sweeties!~ 

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loads of fun to foxy hollywood helen raising helle
n and the smiles are worth it!~...

How is your Astrology today? free reading... let me know if you like this link!~

en looking to the future....
one remains loyals with the present:::

Here you'll learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, my pets, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites. and for the Vitamin C Smile music cd/dvd music happy people....good stuff please sign her guest book!~ for the 13 Moon Calendar people for world peace & love...mystical and it works!~ for the youth in you, great fun stuff and chat rooms, free email, noteboards, clubs, etc.  smiles<s>...

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site. I might put a picture of myself on this page...or just a picture that I especially like.
Welcome to our webpage...keep in touch and lets make this fun....dancing art video hollywood intrigue mystery and romance...want to help create some good viable world/local stage stuff?  create stories together? lets share and post our ideas...mystery is good!~  more later, love ya, BlueBanshee

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within to outh the future...its hereditary....genius blue rainbows of us...

VitaC linx jucies...*smiles* and music kuuuu's....
name: colleen fitzpatrick former band: eve's plum films: hairspray naked gun 2 1/2 the mambo kings higher learning high school high liar liar...

vita C songs and moods...
blessings and check it out!~

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Magic coke and the Potter whiz kid stuff; its fun and mighty educational:

Red shoe diaries...Blonde french cigarettes...
Red high heels
...i remember this flame: lets movies, redlights and candle ligths...she was smokeing

Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.

Enjoy the Exotic among Kat Lovers in an Ultimate Experience for feline pleasures...

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Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.heres some pic amoire i can come to bring more movies


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